Why not 

  • It’s just not real
  • Can never truly mimic empathy
  • Could be supporting dishonest systems
  • You get what you pay for

Why hire a VO Artist?

“They have digital services for that”

Yes, it’s true. You can just use modern text-to-speech offerings to create your voiceover. And some of them can be pretty convincing. Not to mention the cost savings over hiring a real life person to do the work.

So why hire VO artist instead when a computer can do it just as easily for far less? In short, because they can’t.

To begin with, no matter how realistic a digital voice service is, there’s still no life behind it. While technology continues to develop more and more realistic sounding AI, artificial intelligence isn’t artificial life.  Try running your copy through different offerings. Even if you spend considerable time (and don’t forget that time is money, especially your own time) adjusting the intonation and other parameters of the digital voice, it will still occasionally offer you odd pacing or emphasis.

A real person can take your copy and give it life. VO artists are there to breath emotion and meaning into your work. We may even offer a fresh take on your copy that gives it an extra kick you wouldn’t have thought of on your own. We think about the material and the message you want to deliver. We’re calling to action for you, engaging your customers, clients, or students on your behalf. What you say matters and you want it to be impactful. A good relationship with your voice talent can bring empathy and a emotional delivery that you just can’t replicate through digital means.

Then there’s the fact that some of those digital voice platforms are using sampled voices which may have been acquired through nefarious means. That isn’t to say all these services are dishonest or that there is no place for them. Certainly they can provide a cheap alternative for those who have no other means, and may be completely above board. However, unless you’ve fully vetted the service (and I don’t mean just taken one person’s word for it) you could be contributing to a dishonest system.

Lastly, you get what you pay for. With a VO talent, you are gaining a partner in your project. Someone who can offer feedback, ad lib a little where it makes sense to give you an extra perspective. The same is true when you do hire a VO talent. The costs should be roughly in line with the major market. Perhaps they have less overhead or have gained some optimization which gives them some room to save you money. If you find someone way outside the range on the low side, you will likely have a lesser quality recording. If they are way outside on the high end, they may not be the right voice talent for your project. Just as there is the “right” voice for every job, there is the “right” job for every voice. Some of us really shine in commercials. Others in narration or audiobooks. Still others as character voices.

Find the right artist for your project. It’s worth the time, and it’s worth the cost to do it right.

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