I am a French/American voice talent based in France. Raised in the United States I can provide assistance for your voiceover needs and give professional quality narration for your projects with a neutral North American English accent.
If that’s not enough about me, let’s buckle in for an in-depth look at the man himself!
California born, yet raised by a French mother and Hispanic father, I come with a blended history and unique perspective. Growing up in what used to be a small town, now part of the innovative and infamous silicon valley, I grew up during the early days of the internet. Born into the world of rotary phones and this new film saga called Star Wars.
My fathers family were pretty much all amazing musicians and all my brothers could play one instrument or another. Owing to my formative years running parallel to many technological innovations, that love of music developed into a love for all things audio, including all the recording and production hardware. 
To add to the musical connection, I gained early experience working along with one of my older brothers in installing, configuring, and using public address systems for venues of all sizes. This led to my being a DJ on and off. As well as gaining a lot of experience with public speaking and reading, before I was even in my teens!
My whole life hasn’t just been about audio though. I’ve spent time as a bartender, furniture salesman, architectural/mechanical/structural draftsman, cook, swimming pool maintenance and repairman, HVAC controls programmer, and international manager for datacenter controls engineers, translator for the French driving code,  tour guide in Paris and Versailles…. I’ve just about done it all. Which means I’m pretty comfortable talking on nearly any subject. 
I love to learn about and share the stories of others. and I love that the world of Voiceover is such a combination of creativity, storytelling, and technical proficiency. The collaborative nature of this buisness is so refreshing and feeds my extroverted self with energy. The quiet of the booth between sessions give a refreshing calm from the noise of the world outside and reminds me of that quiet peace that comes from being out of the big city and in the small towns and countryside. It’s really the perfect blend.
Having lived in France for a few years now has given me an even broader perspective and an understanding of my mothers cultural influences. And the food is amazing. Try the orange juice in Versailles, seriously. Even Floridians will be impressed. 
Want even more me? 
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Jean-Francois Montoya France based American English Voiceover

Jean-Francois Montoya